IOT and Challenges

World is more connected and immensely accessible as never. There are billions of devices inter-connected and are helping transform the human life-style & behavior. Internet of Things or IoT is playing a key role in doing so. With transformation of lives, comes many challenges to address.

Businesses are having tough time in the following areas:

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How IoT overcome these challenges?

The concept of Internet of Things is represented by the virtual and physical worlds, in other words, the interconnection of machines, devices, sensors with computers via the internet is generating huge market potential to not only for the startups, but also to the established companies across the globe.

World is moving towards digitization, and thanks to the new age technological advancements, especially, smart devices. Companies are shifting gears by reinventing themselves to capture new business opportunities.

Using Internet of Things (IoT), there are many solutions to the arising problems, such as:

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Why should I choose Innodatatics?

Innodatatics team in analytics boasts of data science professionals & big data architects from top FT B-Schools & technology colleges. Also, we have a strong pool of Ph.D. professionals with thorough domain expertise, doing research on futuristic products & solutions. Having already provided solutions to a diversity of the common (and not so common) problems faced by the industry positions us very strongly to excel in this industry.

Case Study 1 :   How to use data from wearable devices in predicting diseases & reducing insurance claims
Case Study 2 :   How to place products effectively through Association Rules
Case Study 2 :   How to place products effectively through Association Rules