Machine Learning

In the process of transformation of Information, the ultimate goal is to derive Actionable Intelligence.

In the current and near future, with the advent of digitization, an enormous influx of data/information is being generated and due to that a major tectonic shift is created across the organizations. Hence, it would be a herculean task for the Organizations to handle Big Data.

All these challenges can be addressed with the usage of sophisticated Machine Learning Algorithms. Capabilities of Machine Learning extends to keep the consistency and reliability of organizational data, which in-turn results in building the prediction models to contain business problems.

Machine Learning deals with rule based solutions, and they are based on so many factors which are tuned to resolve the difficulty in finding out the accuracy of human mind.

The term Machine Learning is defined by Arthur Samuel in 1959.

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Artificial Intelligence

World is at the cusp of Automation and Innovation. With increase in data, the processes and dependencies surrounding it have increased. Automation is the need of the hour and Artificial Intelligence defines intelligence as the ability to acquire, understand and apply knowledge, or the ability to exercise thought and reason.  AI is the computational study which makes it possible to perceive reason and act. 

  • A computer science branch, AI is concerned with study and creation of computer systems that exhibit some form of intelligence. 
  • AI Creates a system that learn new concepts and tasks.
  • Those systems that can reason and draw useful conclusions about the world around us 
  • Systems which can understand the natural language, and 
  • AI also creates systems that can perform other type of feats that require human type of intelligence.
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Case Study 1 :   Chat bot
Case Study 2 :   EDM: Teachers Performance Prediction
Case Study 2 :   EDM: Teachers Performance Prediction
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Case Study 4 :  EDM: Students School Dropouts: